Research Reveals Most Australian Residents Support Immigration

Andrew Markus, a researcher at Melbourne’s Monash University, recently said even with concerns about population management, 82 percent of people surveyed said immigrants actually improve Australian society “by bringing new ideas and cultures.”Eighty percent also believed “immigrants are generally good for Australia’s economy.” The 2018 Mapping Social Cohesion survey was given to 1,500 randomly picked Australian residents. It is always good to live and work in a community where immigration is welcomed and accepted. Australia Immigration Professionals offers services to skilled people who want to relocate to Australia to live and work. Their team of experts can walk with you through the entire process. Markus said the level of concern about immigration from many different countries – about whether immigration is good for this country, gives us fresh ideas or creates jobs – is very low. All of the indicators remain, by large percentages, very positive. Over half of Australians view the number of immigrants allowed in the country ‘about right’ or ‘too low,’ which goes against recent political and media reports about increasing concern over immigration and the repercussion it is having on Australian society. If you and your family are considering migrating to Australia but are unsure if you qualify or don’t know how to begin the process, seek guidance from Immiproaustralia. They and the experienced advisor they work with can give you step-by-step assistance after evaluating the likelihood you can meet the eligibility requirements to live and work in the country. The customer service agents of Australia Immigration Professionals are well-trained and very friendly. This firmis ready to answer any of your questions and help you with the application process. Contact them today!

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