Creative Digital Jobs in Australia Grow Rapidly

Australia Immigration Professionals

According to research and data from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia’s creative industry is growing rapidly. It appears to be growing at a rate faster than the economy as a whole. Professor Stuart Cunningham reported the research encompassed strict guidelines for the definition of creative occupations. These included media, arts industries, architecture, and design. […]

Australia – One of the World’s Most Multicultural Countries!

Current Population of Australia

Going to the Land Down Under, one would expect to find the majority of people to be long-time Australians whose ancestors have been around for centuries. Surprisingly, only half of the population can be described as such. The other half (49%) is a combination of people who moved there after World War 2, as well […]

Permanent Resident Visa to Australia – Benefits

You may wonder why you would want a Permanent Resident Visa to Australia. Many people that we help here at Australia Immigration Professionals don’t initially realize all of the great benefits that come with this visa.

What You Need to Know About Education in Australia

Education in Australia

The educational system in Australia is known for giving its students a very good education on every level – primary school, secondary school, and college education. Australia Immigration Professionals stands ready to help people who want to move to Australia.