What You Need to Know About Employment in Australia

Employment in Australia

Australia is enjoying a time of growth within their economy while many older workers are retiring.

This is resulting in a substantial shortage of workers that are needed to fill thousands of jobs in Australia. Australia Immigration Professionals is working hard to help foreign nationals get moved to Australia to live and work.

The Australian government published a report showing that 17 of 19 key business niches in Australia will likely create new jobs between the years of 2015 and 2019, and half of those jobs are within four of the largest industries.


The sector that is expected to produce the largest number of new jobs in Australia (258,000) within that time frame is the healthcare and social assistance industries. That is followed by training and education (142,700), construction (137,000), and the industries related to the technical, professional, and scientific sector (136,600).

With this decreasing number of skilled workers and increasing demand for qualified people for employment in Australia, it’s a great time to apply for Australian immigration.

Australia Immigration Professionals helps foreign nationals with the eligibility requirements and application process to move to Australia to live and work.

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