Australia Has Some of the World’s Best Cities for Students

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Some Australian cities are among the best cities for students in the world. Australia Immigration Professionals could confirm that Melbourne has been named the best student city in Australia and the fourth-best in the world according to the annual ranking released by QS Quacquarelli Symonds.The three Australian institutions listed among the global top 20 universities […]

Melbourne and Sydney among World’s Top 5 Best Cities

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The annual ranking of the best cities in the world includes many Australian cities as part of the best cities to live in.  According to Australia Immigration Professionals, Melbourne and Sydney top the charts of the best Australian cities to live in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provides an annual report of the […]

India-Australia Pact Opens Pathways to Work Visa Opportunities

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India and Australia recently signed a new partnership pact for mobility and migration. According to an expert at Australia Immigration Professionals, this partnership opens up new opportunities for educational researchers, students, and business people from India. Indian graduates who have earned a degree from any Australian tertiary institute on a student visa can easily apply […]

Australian Employment Hits Record High for Female Workers

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According to reports, the employment-to-population ratio and the participation rate in Australia are near historic highs. These reports indicate a tight labor market in the country. These factors are why employers are encountering difficulties filling the high number of vacant jobs in the country, according to Australia Immigration Professionals. In the last two months, the […]

Top Recommendations for Immigrating to Australia

Top Recommendations for Immigrating to Australia

It is vital to arm yourself with some essential information before moving to Australia. To help with this information, some immigrants to Australia gave their recommendations for potential immigrants to the country. These immigrants said they wished they had known these things before relocating to Australia. Alanna was one of the immigrants who shared their […]

The Most In-Demand Jobs in Australia

The Most In-Demand Jobs in Australia

Australia is currently looking for ways to boost its economy as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic decrease. The current need for workers in the country makes it a perfect place for immigrants from all walks of life to move to. Due to the labour shortages in Australia, there are diverse job opportunities for even […]

Australia’s Borders Are Open and Employers Are Hiring

Employers in Australia are hiring and experiencing trouble finding enough workers in the country. Economists have reported there will be an ongoing keen demand for workers and it will take the unemployment rate lower throughout the year. In January, there was a major 8.8 percent decline in hours worked as sick leave or quarantining skyrocketed. […]

OECD Says Immigrant Children Who Live in Australia Excel in Education

Australian-born children are being outperformed by immigrant children from The Philippines, China, and India by significant margins. A global education report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) looked at numeracy, literacy, and science performance of children in over 70 countries. Australia Immigration Professionals has a team of experts ready to help you […]

Research Reveals Most Australian Residents Support Immigration

Andrew Markus, a researcher at Melbourne’s Monash University, recently said even with concerns about population management, 82 percent of people surveyed said immigrants actually improve Australian society “by bringing new ideas and cultures.”Eighty percent also believed “immigrants are generally good for Australia’s economy.” The 2018 Mapping Social Cohesion survey was given to 1,500 randomly picked […]