Australia Has Some of the World’s Best Cities for Students

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Some Australian cities are among the best cities for students in the world. Australia Immigration Professionals could confirm that Melbourne has been named the best student city in Australia and the fourth-best in the world according to the annual ranking released by QS Quacquarelli Symonds.The three Australian institutions listed among the global top 20 universities […]

Melbourne and Sydney among World’s Top 5 Best Cities

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The annual ranking of the best cities in the world includes many Australian cities as part of the best cities to live in.  According to Australia Immigration Professionals, Melbourne and Sydney top the charts of the best Australian cities to live in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provides an annual report of the […]

OECD Says Immigrant Children Who Live in Australia Excel in Education

Australian-born children are being outperformed by immigrant children from The Philippines, China, and India by significant margins. A global education report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) looked at numeracy, literacy, and science performance of children in over 70 countries. Australia Immigration Professionals has a team of experts ready to help you […]

Research Reveals Most Australian Residents Support Immigration

Andrew Markus, a researcher at Melbourne’s Monash University, recently said even with concerns about population management, 82 percent of people surveyed said immigrants actually improve Australian society “by bringing new ideas and cultures.”Eighty percent also believed “immigrants are generally good for Australia’s economy.” The 2018 Mapping Social Cohesion survey was given to 1,500 randomly picked […]

Australia – Land of Fascinating Wonders!

It is amazing how we can live in a place and not realize the wonders around us. The natural attractions sprinkled across Australia are fascinating. When viewing some of them, you will feel as if you are on another planet. Enjoy Mother Nature’s amazing brilliance by visiting these mind-blowing natural attractions. Australia Immigration Professionals will […]

Australia – One of the World’s Most Multicultural Countries!

Current Population of Australia

Going to the Land Down Under, one would expect to find the majority of people to be long-time Australians whose ancestors have been around for centuries. Surprisingly, only half of the population can be described as such. The other half (49%) is a combination of people who moved there after World War 2, as well […]

Aussie Kids to Learn Language of the Future at Code Camp

In the Australian education system, learning a foreign language isn’t quite enough. Computer coding has become the newest language for students to learn, and the education system in Australia has made computer coding mandatory in public school. According to Australia Immigration Professionals, long-term permanent residents of Australia are permitted to take advantage of the educational […]

Australians Are Enjoying an Abundance of Wealth

Australians have experienced their share of debt, but that’s only one side of the story. The average net worth of each Australian sits at $387,000, which is more than enough to provide stability to the overall economic status of the country. Australia Immigration Professionals is an independently owned immigration service for foreign nationals who want […]